Here are what some of our clients have said about us.

As an non-profit regualtory organization we have benefited immensely from having Florence Hui organize our accounts and instructing the staff in bookkeeping procedures. She has enabled staff to carry out data recording in a way that facilitates management's understanding of financial information. The result is that management has the information to make informed decisions.

An example is in the chart of accounts that Florence set up following a careful review of the operations of the organization. With the knowledge and experience needed to understand what information management needs and how information can be presented to achieve such purpose, Florence has been a significant factor in the development of the financial record keeping system.
Not-for-Profit Regulatory Organization, Vancouver

"As a small business owner I consistently rely on reliable accounting expertise. The services provided by Florence Hui have been impeccable, quick, and reliable. We value her time and expertise on tax planning and financial matters. I would highly recommend Florence to any business looking for detailed personal attention to your company's financial operations.
Raz Chan, Vancouver

"The first time I met with Florence, I was impressed with her clarity, her calm and confident manner, and her breadth of experience. She explained financial terms in clear language that I had no trouble understanding and she pointed out things that I needed to be aware of to better manage my finances down the road. A warm and engaging person, Florence was genuinely interested in my business and its success. After working with two other accountants, I'm delighted to have found her!"
Morgan, Small Business Owner, Vancouver

"The Board is grateful to Ms. Florence Hui for designing and setting up a full fledge and comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting system for our organization. It is much easier now for the Board to monitor and supervise the financial operation of our organization."
Not-For-Profit Organization, Burnaby

"Florence Hui is a competent, knowledgeable, experienced professional accountant. She had quick insight into the particulars of my situation. She performed a great deal of work in an amazingly short number of hours, and saved me thousands of corporate and personal tax dollars. She was always patient, courteous and calm in our discussions in spite of my lack of accounting knowledge and my attitude. I am lucky to have her as my accountant."
Ken Lapp, Vancouver

"Florence has been our family accountant for the past nine years and we are more than satisfied with her first-class professional services. She is extremely efficient, competent and reliable. We are often amazed at the speed and accuracy she handles our annual tax return filing. She is always composed and approachable and never fails to respond promptly to our enquiries or requests whenever needed. Not only does she give sound accounting advice and recommendations, she is also capable of updating and making us understand our tax-related duties and benefits, despite the changing and complicated nature of tax regulations.

What we really appreciate is her willingness to go to extra lengths to keep her promises as exemplified in her taking the time to research thoroughly when we asked her to do our daughter's US tax return as well. We highly recommend her because of her expertise and excellent work ethics. We are happy that Florence is not only our accountant, but our family friend now and we wish her every success in her business."
Laurence and Alice Ma, Vancouver

Spenser and Karen Chen, Vancouver